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Inspector is a revolutionary new technology that reduces the cost of complaints management and maintains trustworthy relationships between MNOS, digital merchants and ad networks, payment gateways & traders.

The Inspector system records every transaction and verifies the user's identity and certification status, so the MNOS can immediately resolve any issues that may arise during a transaction.

This is done in real time, so the MNOS can immediately resolve any issues that may arise during a transaction.

Inspector also allows you to control your data by storing it on your own device or on servers you trust. If a problem arises with your account or identity verification process, you can prove who you are without having to wait for help from others.

The Inspector can be activated on any page you want, and it will automatically take care of the rest.

Inspector will record the entire customer trip on a website—from the first click to the last—and show you every interaction along the way. You’ll be able to see which pages users visited, how long they stayed on each page, what links they clicked on and more!

Inspector is a data-driven solution that provides video-enriched real-time data about customer travel.

Inspector allows users to document their journeys, authenticate the data they provide, and share it with others.

Why Inspector

Inspector helps you understand how people experience your product, find out what they like and dislike, and learn how to improve your product.

Reduce assumptions and validate ideas

The deeper you understand your users, the more likely you are to build a product that truly meets their needs. You will learn how to do this by gathering unbiased, reliable data from your users. By understanding your users’ behaviour, you can stop guessing and start building features that people actually use.

Increase conversion rate

You will also increase conversion rate by learning how to improve your product and how to make it better for your users, which increases user engagement and satisfaction.

Analyze your user behavior

To map out your user journey, you’ll need to consider three things:

-What are their goals?
-Who is responsible for delivering those goals?
-What are the barriers to their success?

Understand user's behavior and needs

Once you’ve mapped out these key pieces of information, you’ll be able to develop an understanding of your users’ needs and how best to meet them. You can then analyze this data in order to spot patterns and trends that may help you improve your product or service—and ultimately create a better user experience for them!

For the first time, you can watch the events that were recorded and unfold. The Inspector is a platform that helps cellular network operators manage their brand image.

For cellular network operators

  • It allows them to enhance their brand image, as well as minimise compliance costs and time when it comes to complaints management. It also opens up new business opportunities for cellular network operators thanks to a more reliable relationship with their customers.

For merchant aggregators & payments

  • We’ve been working with merchants for years. We know how important it is to have a reliable, compliant payment processing service
  • And we know how frustrating it can be to manage compliance yourself, especially since you’re already spending so much time trying to improve your brand image and maximise sales. That’s why we created the Inspector, which offers an all-in-one solution that helps you manage your compliance issues while improving your brand image and boosting sales
  • With Inspector, you’ll have minimal compliance headaches, thanks to our support team that has helped many merchants get their payments up and running faster than ever before.

Painful complaint management

  • It is a fact that the money and time wasted to handle complaints are painful. However, it is also true that businesses suffer because of this. The risk of fine and service cuts if compliance problems occur is another problem that businesses face. In addition, business opportunities are limited because of trust issues.

  • The fear of non-compliance leads to a stringent and inefficient stream, so there will always be complaints received by consumers. In addition, returns consumers when they complain, because of the lack of tools to verify whether it is legitimate complaint.

Transaction logs slow down the collection process and can be difficult to verify

The process of collecting transaction logs is slow and inefficient. This is because it requires a lot of back-and-forth with various contacts, who must provide various types of information.

Everyone is aware that the logs can be changed or falsified. Even when legitimate logs are provided by honest traders and payment aggregators, they are often not enough to restore trust with MNOS and regulators.

If fraud continues, payment flow is cut: losses for each player.

More trust, healthier business


Inspector instantly provide in one click what is used to take the day.


Inspector Act as a third party and ratify all customer travel information, thus ensuring trust.

Inspector is the last part of the puzzle to ensure a possible safest user experience.

Inspector is an independent third-party verification service, providing a 100% transparent, high-quality audit trail of your transactions and all associated data.

This allows the operator to work healthily with traders, without ever doubting what is presented to the user. This is a giant leap forward in enabling a smooth and safe payment experience.

Integration into all types of payment flows is simple.

  • When you’re using Inspector, there’s no need to worry about the details. We have easy integration on all kinds of payment flows, so you don’t have to worry about how your customers will pay.
  • When they click the button that takes them from your site to ours, we’ll record that page for you. We’ll also record the page you host that leads to the payment page, as well as any redirections you choose (for example, if someone clicks an ad on Facebook and gets redirected). And if you want to track sales made through partners, we’ll record pages hosted by them as well.

Inspector adheres to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Inspector is a fully GDPR compliant solution, and we take the protection of your data very seriously. We do not store any personal data in Inspector, so there is nothing for you to worry about!
  • We are not considered a data controller or a data processor because we do not store any personal data, which means that we are only responsible for ensuring that the service functions properly.

Monitor and certify your transaction on the personalized dashboard

  • After completing an online training session, you will have access to the data that can be downloaded and distributed to others. The program allows you to customise your data and warnings based on your needs and much more.

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