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Why Choose Inspector?

Deepen your understanding of users to build a product that genuinely meets their needs. Gather unbiased, reliable data to inform feature development.

Validate Ideas, Reduce Assumptions

Improving user engagement and satisfaction leads to higher conversion rates. Learn how to enhance your product to better serve your users

Boost Conversion Rate

Map out user goals, responsible parties, and barriers to success. Gain insights to refine your product or service for an optimal user experience..

Analyse User Behaviour

Inspector is a platform that aids cellular network operators in managing their brand image effectively. It enhances brand perception, reduces compliance costs, and expedites complaints management.

Trusted by Cellular Network Operators

Simplify compliance management with Inspector's all-in-one solution. Enhance brand image, increase sales, and minimise compliance headaches.

For Merchant Aggregators & Payments

Handle complaints efficiently to save time and resources. The inspector streamlines the process, minimising the risk of fines and service cuts due to compliance issues.

Pain-Free Complaint Management

The inspector acts as a third-party verifier, ensuring the integrity of customer travel information. This guarantees trust between operators, traders, and customers.

Certified Data for Trustworthy Transactions

Inspector adheres to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, ensuring the utmost protection of your data.

GDPR Compliant

Seamlessly integrate Inspector into various payment flows. Track customer interactions across platforms for a comprehensive view.

Integration Made Easy

Access downloadable data and customise alerts after completing a training session. Inspector empowers you to take control of your transaction data..

Personalized Dashboard for Monitoring

Experience a Safer User Experience with Inspector.

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Note: Inspector is a revolutionary technology designed to enhance trust and streamline complaints management. It offers real-time transaction monitoring, data control, and comprehensive insights into user behaviour. Trusted by cellular network operators, merchant aggregators, and payments, Inspector is GDPR compliant and ensures the integrity of customer data. Simplify compliance management and elevate brand image with Inspector. Book a demo today!

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