Anti-fraud solution protects your business from {Digital ad fraud, Malware, Man-in-Middle, Phishing} and more

Anti-fraud solution protects your business from and more

FraudAvoid blocks and tracks the most sophisticated ad fraud in real time. Immediately know which traffic will bring income and block ad fraud before it happens.

About FraudAvoid

‘Fraud’, describes a wide range of misbehavior, which include online fraud from malware apps, bots, etc.

How it Works​

Our exclusive technology detects the most sophisticated fraud techniques and the nature of continuous engine learning


FraudAvoid catches telemetry at the network level, application and user to make a series of comprehensive valuable data about visits.


Our analyzer evaluates data captured in real-time using machine learning and behavioral analysis. The risk score identifies whether the user is evil or not.

Genetic Algorithm and AI

Our Sophisticated AI learns Complex Online Fraud and evolves with the help of Genetic Algorithm.


Based on risk scores, FraudAvoid does both, blocks fraud or lets us go through real and healthy traffic


Our tracking solution displays all activities tracked and blocked, explaining the trigger behind fraudulent activities to traffic roots.

Top-Notch technology that protects your business from Online fraud

All update included
All update included

We work tirelessly to improve our technology and services

Exclusive Fraud Detection Technology
Exclusive Fraud Detection Technology

Our methodology allows us to detect expert spoofers and recurrent customers

Guaranteed Reliability
Guaranteed Reliability

We guarantee continuous performance on all our plans with SLA UPTime> 99.99%

AutoScale Software
AutoScale Software

We built solutions so that you can expand your operations without limitations.

Lowest Latency in Industry
Lowest Latency in Industry

Our high-speed performance with the latency of <10ms ensures the perfect flow with zero delay.

AI Beats an AI
AI Beats an AI

Our Solution detect complex online fraud, which can even beats GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) based AI

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