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Our methodology enables us to identify expert spoofers and recurrent offenders with precision.

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All our plans come with a guarantee of uninterrupted performance, backed by an SLA Uptime of over 99.99%.

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Our solutions are designed to accommodate your growing operations without constraints.

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With a latency of less than 10ms, our high-speed performance ensures seamless operations with minimal delay.

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Our solution is engineered to outperform even the most sophisticated AI, including GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks).

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Maximize ROI: Eliminate Ad Fraud with Real-Time Insights

FraudAvoid is a comprehensive anti-fraud solution that protects your business from digital threats such as ad fraud, malware, and phishing attacks

  • Track and Analyze Ad fraud in Real time
  • No Hidden Fees, Guaranteed Security
  • Use It Today, No Training Needed

Satisfied Users Speak

John Smith

Founder & Director

“"We send traffic to some of the most demanding and sensitive partners in the industry and rely on FraudAvoid to filter poor clicks. Using FraudAvoid has pushed our ROI up to 8%."”

Eh Jewel

Marketing Manager

“"We took our partnership with cellular operators very seriously. FraudAvoid analyses our traffic in real-time, allows us to trim cheats before they produce fake conversions for our customers”

Mark Tony

Growth Director

“FraudAvoid is pivotal for customer acquisition strategy. Its implementation led to fewer fraudulent acquisitions and a substantial rise in customer engagement.”


Asked Questions

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FraudAvoid employs advanced technology, including AI and Genetic Algorithms, to detect and prevent sophisticated ad fraud in real time.

FraudAvoid's combination of cutting-edge technology, continuous updates, and guaranteed reliability makes it a leader in the field.

FraudAvoid provides a comprehensive Fraud Management solution to safeguard against the frequent occurrence of fraud on mobile devices.

Yes, FraudAvoid's sophisticated AI utilises Genetic Algorithms to continuously learn and evolve in response to complex online fraud.

FraudAvoid boasts industry-leading latency, with a response time of less than 10ms for seamless operations.

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