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I-witnesses are a revolutionary new technology that reduces the cost of complaints management and maintains trustworthy relationships between MNOS, traders, and payment aggregators.

The I-witness system takes notes during a transaction and certifies the user's journey through the system by verifying their identity and certification status.

This is done in real time, so the MNOS can immediately resolve any issues that may arise during a transaction.

I-witnesses also allow users to take control of their data by storing it on their own devices or on servers they trust. This means that if a problem arises with their account or ID verification process (like if someone tries to steal your identity), you will be able to easily prove who you are without having to wait for help from others.


You can activate the sensor on any page you want, and the I-Witness will automatically take care of the rest.


 I-Witness was designed to record the entire customer trip on a website, from the first click to the last.


 I-Witness is a data-driven solution that provides video-enriched real-time data about customer travel.


 I-Witness was a tool that allowed users to document their journeys, authenticate the data they provided, and share it with others.

Why I-Witness

See how people experience your product, find out what they like and dislike, and learn how to improve your product.

Reduce assumptions and validate ideas

Understand your users truly and how they interact with your product with unbiased reliable data. stop guessing and start building product feature that people actually use, which guarantees your product is the best it can be.

Increase conversion rate

Learn how to improve your product and how to make it better for your users.

Analyze your user behavior

Map the user journey to spot patterns and trends, develop a deeper understanding of your users and how they interact with your product.

Understand user's behavior and needs

Study users in the moment as they engage with your product. Develop a deeper understanding of their needs with qualitative and quantitative data.


Painful complaint management

  • Risky brand image.
  • The money and time wasted handle complaints.
  • Business opportunities are limited because of trust issues.
  • Risk of fine and service cuts if compliance problems occur.
  • Returns consumers when they complain, because of the lack of tools to verify whether it is legitimate complaint.
  • Fear of non-compliance leads to a stringent and inefficient stream.

Slow transaction logs to collect and often questionable

  • The process of collecting the transaction log is very slow because it requires a lot of exchange, with various contacts, to collect various types of information.
  • Everyone is very aware that the log can be changed and falsified.
  • Even when legitimate logs are provided with great efforts by honest traders or payment aggregators, sometimes not enough to restore trust with MNOS and regulators.
  • If fraud continues, payment flow is cut: losses for each player.

For the first time,

You can watch what really happened.

For cellular network operators

  • Enhanced brand image.
  • Minimal compliance.
  • Money and time happened for complaints management.
  • New business opportunities thanks to a more reliable relationship.

For merchant aggregators & payments

  • Improved brand image.
  • Minimal compliance.
  • Money and time happened for complaints management.
  • There is no risk of cutting services if compliance problems occur.
  • New business opportunities thanks to a more reliable relationship.
  • More efficient current

More trust, healthier business


I-Witness instantly provide in one click what is used to take the day.


I-Witness Act as a third party and ratify all customer travel information, thus ensuring trust.

I-Witness is the last part of the puzzle to ensure a possible safest user experience.

This allows the operator to work healthierly with traders, without ever doubting what is presented to the user.

This is a giant leap forward in enabling a smooth and safe payment experience.

Easy integration in all types of payment flows

  • Recording your payment page.
  • Record the page you are hosting that leads to the payment page.
  • Divorter recording.
  • Record page hosted by your partner.

Completely obedient GDPR solution

  • I-Witness do not store any personal data (without cellphone numbers, no personal identifier).
  • I-Witness are not considered data controllers or data processors.
  • Data used, processed and stored as long as all streams are the minimum needed to ensure service functions.

Monitor and certify your transaction on the personalized dashboard

  • Real-time.
  • Dedicated personal access.
  • Training session.
  • Data that can be downloaded and distributed.
  • Data and warnings that are fully able to be adjusted

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