The program purchase platform in the world's first application that guarantees ROI and complete transparency.

Performance Advertising Platform in Mobile Applications

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Predictive ROI Optimization
Get true performance - Optimize for action, not installation

Automation ROI is powered by our Deep BIDQTM learning technology, which means the offer is constantly optimized against the actions to maximize returns and expenditure of your ad. Only the input budget and our algorithm take over.

Actionable Dashboard
Get full control over your advertising expenses

Manage and optimize your campaign, get in-depth insight and multi-dimensional analytic in real-time on our dashes that can be followed up.

Advanced creative platform
Utilize the power of the most sophisticated creative suite on the planet

Our creative platform helps you design high-impact first ad formats, and automatic experiments determine the winning ad experience to maximize ROI and lower operating costs.

Fully Modular Open Platform
Very integrated with large ecosystem partners

Fully modular platform with firm level fire integration with more than 15 partners.

Quality assurance
Spend with confidence - Block Traffic is invalid before the cheating installation occurs

The leading fraud framber framework in our industry protects the dollar your ad in real time with complete transparency on the media, price and performance data at the level of impression.

Zero-Error Targeting
Integration of data in enabling holistic views of users and real-time precision targeting

DMP is integrated with our strong together with the first party SDK and an exclusive telco-grade signal allows you to enrich your data and customize your ad to reach the right audience right, at the cost as low as possible.

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